How to Practice Trading Cryptocurrency with Plutus

Trading cryptocurrency can be an incredibly risky and unpredictable, yet highly rewarding business. The market has been extremely volatile over the past few months. Many people have lost money, but some have made millions. Before dumping your life savings into Bitcoin or Ethereum, consider running some test trades, seeing how they perform, and feeling out the market. Or, if you just want to have fun trading crpto without sweating about your real cash, simulated trades are also your friend. For users on iOS, Hugs Gained has a free app dedicated to this very purpose!

Practice Trading Cryptocurrency

Plutus is a free iOS app that offers free simulated cryptocurrency trading. All currency, cryptocurrency, and trades are virtual, allowing you to virtually trade cryptocurrency in peace and not risk your actual cash. When you first open the app, you will see your current portfolio value along with a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Free Virtual Cryptocurrency Trading with Plutus

Once you find a cryptocurrency you want to know more about or even trade, tap on it to view advanced stats.

Free Crypto Ticker App with Plutus

When you are ready to trade a particular crypto, tap buy or sell and choose the amount.

Virtual Cryptocurrency Trading Simulations with Plutus

Confirm your trade and that’s it. Your transaction completes instantly and your portfolio is updated accordingly. Track your portfolio with real-time prices and see how your investments are performing.

Virtual Cryptocurrency Investments Portfolio with Plutus

There you have it, you’ve learned how to practice trading cryptocurrency with the Plutus app. You can build a full crypto portfolio in just a few minutes. The app is free, with an optional subscription called Plutus+. Plutus Plus is 50 cents a week, and provides you with 4 additional portfolios to manage, no ads, 5k virtual currency rewarded video rewards (instead of 1k), and 100k virtual currency portfolio reset value (instead of 10k). Plutus is available for free on the app store, for both iPhone and iPad. Happy cryptocurrency trading!

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